Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Net

i’m on the net 24/7
looking for sex
looking for heaven
some people think
that’s one and the same
i don’t agree
but still play the game
i meet interesting people
while i am there
and it’s a wild mix
a sumptuous fare
the old man who’s
just looking to die
the whore who asks
when and never why
the teenager who shops
when you get off
the former beauty queen
who’s gotten a little soft
the regular lonely husband
the bewildered wife
the hit man with
the calling card knife
the father looking to
cure a sick child
immigrants who claim to
drive you wild
the gypsy
the gung ho
the addict
the gimme more
they all inhabit my world
my realm
i see them all
i see me in them.


watsinaname said...

"i see me in them" :)

Manasa said...


amshuman.r said...

unbelievable.. I stumbled onto your blog through my junior Uttara's..

This post has changed my perspective on perspective.. Thank you.