Monday, 6 June 2016


didn't your flesh crawl ?
she is dalit after all
and we share nothing with them
not tumblers daughters or village walls.
your cock should have shrivelled and died
the thought of it inside
a spinster a law student a low caste woman
living on the street and hence proven
that she was up to no good at all.
and yet here you are
helping yourself to her self
like you were some coveted guest
helping yourself to her life- bringing cunt
her skin
her organs
her mind.
was she blind to try and move beyond
a strictly laid out life plan and rule
and so here you are. 
her knight in shining armour
to teach her her place.
buried in the ground and in the inner pages of a newspaper.
three minutes of sound bytes and countless candle marches later
we give her her name.
she always had a name.
and a dream.

she is Jisha.