Tuesday, 2 June 2015


any day now
the demons will come home
chasing me through the forest
knocking at my door
and i will welcome them
they'll make themselves at home
stretching out on the sofa
curling up on the floor
they'll drink water from the refrigerator
snack on chocolate from the biscuit tin
they'll pluck my precious hibiscus
and call themselves my kin.
neighbours won't see them
lolling on my bookshelf
they'll look at me and wonder as always
about the world in which i dwell.
but the demons they see me
they know that i know they're there
i do not repel them
quite the opposite in fact.
they wear colours of my disappointments
the fabric of my failed romance
they smile the smile of knowing
knowing they will always care.
the demons have come knocking
and i have willingly let them in
slowly they take over my day my life
all together now, fin.


The Sunday Scribe said...

Really well written. This is your first post I'm reading. I also like you blog's tagline. Crisp and incisive.

Srividya Sivakumar said...

Thank you very much, for all your kind words.