Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Once and for all

unfinished business sets my teeth on edge
makes me dysfunctional like you wouldn't believe.
makes me numb even dead.
the confrontations the anger the anger the speed
these are the stuff of my dreams
when conversation flows to and fro
and I want to hide but have nowhere to go
that's when I am most alive.
these loose ends need definite trimming
chopping hacking killing
this bastard heart promiscuous in its will
will stay still even
if i have to hack it up
i will.
one conversation one letter one text
one post one blog one note and all the rest
loose ends unfinished business and these matters unsaid
when I am done with you
the past will truly be dead.


priya said...

After such a long time, I have almost stopped seeing your blog because you dont quite add stuff. But when you do , it is always enjoyable.
"Once and for all"- works for a lot of things :)

Srividya Sivakumar said...

Hello Priya
i don't add new work, you're right. It's an impulse thing, more than a disciplined thing.( Poets and discipline aren't a good fit, if you ask me:)) Thanks for visiting!
Glad the poem works on many levels!