Monday, 31 March 2014

Mountain Pass

everywhere i went you haunted me
and now among the many shades of green
finally i am free
of your ghost and your need.
this is how it comes to pass
in bright autumnal colours
and with the majesty of a many tongued waterfall
it disappears in the oppressive crush of people
who follow nothing except their own hearts.
their hearts cause traffic jams and irate passengers and create a mood that does not bode well for a mending heart.
so amidst the generous display of what the world had to offer in green and greed,
in people and plants,
in water and wanderers,
i let go of you.
wander my restless heart.
breathe deep of the raw fragrance that punctuates the air like an exuberant exclamation point.
search for your own self and soul.
and when you know, just let go.