Thursday, 28 July 2011


i always place fork with spoon
vinyl record with show tune
salt and pepper in pots
line trophies together of battles well fought
i keep tea and coffee together
and animals attached to their fur
i places shoes and socks good to go
and lamps awash in their warm glow
i do not break flower from stalk
or wear high heels on a walk
i match locks and keys
and fragrance with breeze
and slippers and smoke
and mood with toke
i don't separate right from wrong
or sorrow from song
there's no pleasure in drinking alone
or separating sex from the phone
i always butter my toast
and declare love the most
it's like your fingers and my hair
and sensing love in the air
if i can help it
i never separate pairs
just because we can't be together
doesn't mean belonging is all that rare.

Friday, 15 July 2011


take me on a wild goose chase
i don't care, a tricky maze
i don't care, a la la loop
have me jumping through burning hoops
if i'm a sacrificial lamb that's just fine
i'm willingly lead to the altar you'll find
stop making excuses would you please
i'm saying cease and desist
and just be cool, stay right here
i won't talk love, don't fear.
(even if i'm feeling it)