Thursday, 28 July 2011


i always place fork with spoon
vinyl record with show tune
salt and pepper in pots
line trophies together of battles well fought
i keep tea and coffee together
and animals attached to their fur
i places shoes and socks good to go
and lamps awash in their warm glow
i do not break flower from stalk
or wear high heels on a walk
i match locks and keys
and fragrance with breeze
and slippers and smoke
and mood with toke
i don't separate right from wrong
or sorrow from song
there's no pleasure in drinking alone
or separating sex from the phone
i always butter my toast
and declare love the most
it's like your fingers and my hair
and sensing love in the air
if i can help it
i never separate pairs
just because we can't be together
doesn't mean belonging is all that rare.

Friday, 15 July 2011


take me on a wild goose chase
i don't care, a tricky maze
i don't care, a la la loop
have me jumping through burning hoops
if i'm a sacrificial lamb that's just fine
i'm willingly lead to the altar you'll find
stop making excuses would you please
i'm saying cease and desist
and just be cool, stay right here
i won't talk love, don't fear.
(even if i'm feeling it)

Saturday, 4 June 2011


bridges and switches
to burn and turn
on in a jiffy
even if it's all kind of iffy
or not really hep or cool or in
surely this isn't what you'd call a sin
so burn those boats let no one near
use your switch and watch skin sear
be indecisive, escapist or what have you
as long as you're here, even opportunistic will do.

Monday, 9 May 2011


you're off to colder climes
leaving me alone with all this rhyme
and i dwell in the moments of the past
an old tale, not forgotten fast
and now he appears in my life
his absence cuts like a knife
but asks only that we be acquainted
and i agree, willingly antiquated
our conversations are intense
old incidents are making sense
but i am afraid to take it slow
because, sometimes, he seems good to go
but you can go off and do your thing
travel the world, have those flings
because i'm in this space in my head
my heart says go, like it has always said
this acquaintance is bound to grow
see me breaking down this door
i'm stepping into this room of grey
please be there is all i pray
i'm travelling half way as i always do
wait till i get there, please won't you?

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Love Song

you spoke your love into her skin
you whispered hey let's begin
let's go that place you and i
where you don't get to say goodbye
your breath warmed her very soul
and your caress made her want some more
and so you yielded you gave in
you craved this sweet sweet sin
the rain is gentle this afternoon
in bed there's a different tune
that lingers and swells and builds up high
and they are helpless and do know why
love does what lovers do
in each other, once more anew
and it keeps getting harder to leave
but time is like an old sieve
my love goodbye she says
clinging unwilling in a daze
but shut the door firmly on this day
or sure as hell, there'll be hell to pay.

Friday, 6 May 2011


loneliness gnaws at her soul
and she searches for those who don’t care any more
maybe they did at some point of time
but now they feature only in her rhyme
when did all this cease to make sense
when did she lose all frames of reference
has it been growing or is this new
she’d like to know, but has no clue
this is she, the new her
hiding behind words, like a cowering cur
but she writes or at least tries to
it has been a while but this won’t do
she drags her soul screeching from the past
hoping this time this sojourn will last
there are no guarantees to life
and this damn thing doesn’t feel so right
so she’ll stay a while at least
till she gets restless and wants to leave
where will she go
what will she be
who knows let’s wait and see
maybe she’ll disappear maybe she’ll disagree
maybe she’ll stay true and remain me.