Tuesday, 30 November 2010


i cross fingers
wish on mail vans
send out a prayer
to the train
thundering over my head
i toss salt over my shoulder
kiss my fingers at the solitary bird
always keep the label up
on my blanket
and i don’t dog ear books
or throw stones at small creatures
i bite my tongue
when i utter a curse
don black beads
don’t make a face
when the wind is blowing
and i don’t crack my knuckles or elbows
or drink
wear synthetic
or miss a call
all of this to no avail
you still left
you still left
after all.

Friday, 3 September 2010


now that you're away
its easy to not say
what i want
that I miss you
that i am sad
that you've moved on
i haven't moved on from you
it is still your smile
your skin
your nicotine
that i crave
that need to embrace
who you are
i haven't moved on
maybe you have
life and its ways
sometimes its love
sometimes its lonely days.

Friday, 16 July 2010


there is no they
there is no them
there is just me
there is just him
there is no us
there is no we
there is just him
there is just me.

Monday, 12 July 2010


i traded intensity for comfort
and have regretted it many a time
i lost my insanity
and maybe even my rhyme
so now i am reclaiming what is mine
i want the uncomfortable glances
the awareness the knowing
the delicious dance
i want being off balance
the anticipation
the hope of romance
i want that intensity
i still see it now and again
and i am waiting
all that remains is
the who and the when.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Love Song

tell me what you feel
that it hurts to breathe
that you don't want to see
where we're headed, you and me
tell me it's not over
that we'll have one last chance
one desperate shot
at this desperate romance
tell me the truth,tell me the truth
for once
in this now
the heart wants what the heart wants
it wants and how
a keen ache is worse,i'm told
than a sharp pain
but thoughts of you put me
in that place
again and again
sing of this body
its heart
its mysterious ways
i count myself lucky
it is hard
but i'm unfazed.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New Leaf

since you've been gone
i can do what i want to do
wear any old pair of shoes
knowing i won't run into you
and that knowing smile
that shake of a head
that saying more than what's said
i can hang out at my old haunts
i do have one or two
and not smile
at the doorbell
that brings you
i can wear long sleeves
and lip colour so bright
you'd have said where are my glasses
this shade hurts my eyes
i can make conversations with other people now
all i need is to learn how
so shoes and clothes and cosmetics
quite a full life i'd say
ah but where's all that intensity
i'd take that any damn day.