Saturday, 31 October 2009

Make a Wish

a little child
with shaven head
and sunken eyes
seizes me up
holding on to
a drinking cup
and a smile
wisdom and knowing
beyond its years
having met head on
all our deepest fears
and are those tears
no the eyes twinkle
the spirit, undamaged
though the body is ravaged
by disease
and pills and pleas
and potions and principles
and people’s pain
what can you wish
for this young one
toys, treasure
or your time
or a prayer
that some day
you just may
have a will
a spirit
as radiant
as theirs.


lapis lazuli
the tongue wraps itself
around words
as binding ties
cat’s eyes
and searches
for more
words that mean
like you and i.

The Net

i’m on the net 24/7
looking for sex
looking for heaven
some people think
that’s one and the same
i don’t agree
but still play the game
i meet interesting people
while i am there
and it’s a wild mix
a sumptuous fare
the old man who’s
just looking to die
the whore who asks
when and never why
the teenager who shops
when you get off
the former beauty queen
who’s gotten a little soft
the regular lonely husband
the bewildered wife
the hit man with
the calling card knife
the father looking to
cure a sick child
immigrants who claim to
drive you wild
the gypsy
the gung ho
the addict
the gimme more
they all inhabit my world
my realm
i see them all
i see me in them.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


i need to get out of this space
pitch my tent some other place
this dwelling does me no good
i am always in your neighbourhood
i pass your house time and again
sing your song, dance in your arms
walk with you in the falling rain
find irresistable,that subtle charm
i need to move on
to save my soul
to look back and say
i am whole
to sing a song of sanity
to not be lost
to actually see
but one last time
just let me be
let me stay
just for a bit
and sing this emotion
that i feel
in my heart
it lightly sits.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Terrace

the mind works
the heart whispers
hands stilled, held by moss-covered bands
soft unyielding
legs clash collide harmonize
find space, find their nook
noses align
mouths tremble and are firm
pressed by loving weights
lips part, voices hush
breathing jerky but synchronised
heart to heart
like the sea on the sand
everything comes together
the wind howls
the stars shine on a black canvas
below- oblivion
The perfect kiss.


by the ocean far, so far away
the sun rises to another bright day
purple glimmers the water far below
and gulls begin to clamour, circling the cove
the coconut fronds start swaying
to the beat of the gentle breeze
that embraces all around it
and disturbs the seas
the flowers awaken from their sleep filled night
the birds are getting louder arguing
having a fight
a crab scuttles along the sands on the shore
and from the beach you can hear the ocean roar
pretty pink shells pepper the path I walk on
and the grass feels smooth a fresh mown lawn
i stand at the cliff’s edge
look at the vista before me
almost unbearable beauty stretches to eternity
I’d thought I should jump off but
now I step back and stare
and consider myself lucky
lucky that I am there.

Friday, 9 October 2009


i refuse to toe the line
and not wear my heart on my sleeve
and live in constant fear
that if i'm candid
you'll leave
that's your trip
this let me play it safe
it's not the whisky i sip
i absolutely refuse to obey
so i'm going to be honest
and tell it like i see fit
if you don't like it
tell me please don't leave.

Friday, 2 October 2009


burgundy makes me blue
and nutini reminds me of you
but new shoes don't help
and candy just won't do
i am sad but not much
i feel poised, primed as such
unknown and anticipated at best
tonight's just like all the rest.