Friday, 18 September 2009

Quantum Mechanics

combustion of any kind
is fine by me
he said
i agreed and think I know
exactly what he meant
but lovely man
with that cool analytical streak
surely you must mean
combustion that runs engines
not the kind that makes you dream
smouldering simmering
tacit fire
subterranean slow turbulent desire
spontaneous combustion
steamy hot
all kinds of combustion
a veritable melting pot
that romantic side you hide well
will surely find appeal
in this kinda combustion
that helps seal the deal
and given how easily you embarrass
it might be interesting to see
you slowly furiously turning red
under the combustive heat
so no boring mechanics or machines
or what have you
i think i know
just the kind of combustion you refer to
no offence, but your degree does
no justice to this kind
it’s a meeting of (I hope for you) everything
but especially of the minds.