Monday, 31 August 2009


a million carnations
a warm summer breeze
i smell like a wanton
sexy striptease
a hint of pleasures
potent to one and all
i smell like the woman
the woman to make you fall
fast approaching doom
though you may not see
a golden sunshine
should remind you o’ me
potpourri and cinnamon
coffee chocolate jasmine
i smell like a delicious treat
that you might eat
will devour
a cold stinging rain
a puppy’s affectionate luck
soft as a pony’s mane
bright as a little wick
i smell like forbidden pleasures
forbidden to you
i am more than you can handle
and all that you can do.

From Within

inside me lives a book of poetry
an unborn child
a woman’s happiness
a man’s desire
inside me cries a far away wedding
unrequited passion
desperate longing
a cruel twist of fate
inside me wanders dreams of a home
trips romantic
satin sheets sex
an eternity of metal
inside me lives a perpetual all man
a need to belong
a clamour for attention
a kiss at least
inside me lives hope
inside me lives love
inside me lives you.