Friday, 17 April 2009


even as i say no
i know
i will go
down the path of pleasure
moss underfoot stars above
will cushion my journey to love
my footsteps are fireflies
my tread light as rain
i am walking down this
i claimed never to walk on again
the thin fabric clings to me
as though urging me on
a prayer in my heart
on my lips a silent song
a discreet flight of stairs
the inconspicuous door
i knock wait listen
then i knock some more
maybe he isn’t expecting me
but how can that be true
he’d said please please
i will wait for you
the door opens and i see
him standing there
the look of naked longing
strips his face bare
we make it from
the door to bed
nothing is spoken though
the hand that holds mine
and leads me
says so much more
a rattan roof
is broken up
by a slow revolving fan
languid turgid is the night
intense is the man
leave us now oh reader
a voyeur you cannot be
love makes us over and over
that you sense
you see.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


if you don’t find me in your bed
look inside your head instead
and if you don’t find me there
promise you’ll look everywhere
let me not be forgotten
like a putrid seed
let me not be cast off
like a wanton weed
swear to me
you’ll seek and find
and in ties of despair
you will bind
my soul my self
my poetry
release me not
don’t set me free.