Thursday, 12 March 2009


he makes me believe in
romance and mush
in red roses and things
as such
i listen to a soppy song
and think how true
not go yuck
like i am known to do
i want to be married
to be his wife
i want to love
and bear his child
and when a sad song
comes my way
i cry my heart out
and rue the day
i let him go
pushed him out
and no matter how
i scream and shout
he is not mine
nor will he ever be
haunting sobering
this reality
lyrics of longing
remind me of him
such need such desire
a marked sin
how can i not have
what i need
i want him
is this just greed.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

One More of them "the ends"

my pain’s in my poetry
my tears in your touch
my laughter in your loving
nobody could love you as much

there’s magic in our memories
and sorrow in our songs
and deja vu in our dreams
that keep me up all night long

there’s a love that’ll never go away
and moments i’ll always remember
a pain that continues to linger
it’s a feeling that is for ever

there’s a future at the frontier
and passion in the past
there’s joy in a friendship
there’s reconciliation, lessons at last.