Monday, 5 January 2009


this year on my calendar
i will mark
if i may
all the happy days
i’d say perhaps
what a lovely time
he and i spent
no time to repent
in anguish or guilt
of the doing of wrong
or light as a song
i will write
of the night
when things
were set right
by a little straight
nothing else
watch how those defences melt
my calendar will
record many a happy meal
many a glass of wine
or vodka
or whatever
but it will mark
those happy times
maybe i will write
of friends coming back
finding their way to
and me
of questions answered
of patience rewarded
all that is golden you’ll see
as the year moves on
my calendar will too
and honour all that’s
dark and sad
but for now
it is bright
and full of light
and that’s not bad
not so bad.


love karmic cosmic love
love illicit logical love
love grab you hold you love
love see I told you love
love i’m the one kinda love
love this will be fun kinda love
love make me your man kinda love
love you know you can kinda love
love bring me to tears kinda love
love address your fears kinda love
love this is unreal kinda love
love hear my appeal kinda love
love sing this song kinda love
love this won’t last long kinda love
love the can never be kinda love
love the you and me kinda love