Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Not the curse or the cause
not the practice or the pause
not the gamble not the glue
not the dice roll that wins you
not the cleaver of the chain
not the prison or the pain
not the grass blade not the rain
not the asylum not the sane
not the music or the flute
not the poison or the mute
not the song not the sky
not the one who says good bye.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


what does she see
when she sees me
talking tough
walking tall
does she wonder at all
if she did right
or wrong
raising me different
from how i was born
is she proud of my now
at the classes i teach
and the thoughts i sow
in my words and
through my words
or does she wonder how
i got so
so neurotic
so lachrymose
writing suicide
and pain
when she is joyous
and rather insane
does she sit up late
at night
wondering how i might
turn out
cope with this life
and wonder am i
a good daughter
leave alone wife
do these thoughts cross
your mind ma
or do you rest assured
that you brought me up
and taught me well
and that it is
my choice
to seek
not heaven
but pain’s eternal damning hell.