Tuesday, 27 May 2008


work day
play day
park day
make out in the park day
park and make out day
the animals in the zoo
four legged and two
sounds aren’t heard
silence is learnt
who are the animals
getting in the way
ruining siesta
for a quick lay
courting couples
secretive spouses
looking for a lone bush
despite a palatial house
people with no dignity
or maybe
too much of it
look around at the cages
see that they fit
lovers in lust
others trying to rekindle
the flickering flame
of romance
the one that’s so fickle
sanctimonious souls
pompous parents hustle
their impressionable children
though themselves tantalised
by the tussle
and the passionate
clinching they see
spread out
wistfulness is of
no doubt
maybe they’re thinking
of their younger days
sans superciliousness
simple their ways
and they looked
for space
to claim
their bodies
and their names
old days
the good old
dirty days.