Saturday, 26 January 2008

More than rhyme

a once-upon-a-time-friend of mine, told me once, that the reason my poetry was not getting published was that i did not know how to position it. an interesting thought and to back it up, he gave me words, ideas..inspiration.
this is what i came up with. and this poem is for him.

More than rhyme

my poetry is an aphrodisiac
prozac in a silken sac
a mood enhancer
for the giver and receiver

a pick me up not a placebo
a strong cup of java please two to go
a lifestyle drug a coffee table book
a beautiful woman worth a second look

all the things you wanted
but could never be
all the things you thought were
real but could never see

mine is the siren song
taking you to your doom
giving you wings to fly
to escape from this gloom

place your hand in mine oh reader
i am what you want
find in me your orgasm
or hit me with your taunts.

i followed it up with this..

Escort service

i am a prostitute to my muse
for him to use reuse refuse
to pour his juices in me as he sees fit
with my inferiority champing at the bit
no escort service for me
my muse my companion of eternity
do not abandon this lost cause
i will be yours. pause.

Saturday, 19 January 2008


Not the curse or the cause
not the practice or the pause
not the gamble not the glue
not the dice roll that wins you

not the cleaver of the chain
not the prison or the pain
not the grass blade not the rain
not the asylum not the sane

not the music or the flute
not the poison or the mute
not the song not the sky
not the one who says good bye.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Museindia is an e inspiration.
for the many many people who write and want to be heard, who love literature and want to hear more of it, who create and want to share, this site offers hope.
for those who love the world of words, this is a site you will be drawn to.
for those who don't, this is a site that will intrigue you, and hopefully, make you think.
i was delighted when they chose my work for one of their issues last year.
i am honoured that they have included some more in their current issue.
museindia does what no publisher,big or small, national or international, veteran or new, is willing to do- stay true to its ideal.
and that kind of courage, in these times, deserves respect.
and then some.